About DDB

Connects technical students and companies

About De Delftse Bedrijvendagen (DDB)

DDB is the perfect way for both students and companies to meet and greet. Even better: to find the best match for technical internships, jobs, and graduation assignments. This is something we dare to stand for. DDB attracts over 150 companies and thousands of students of the TU Delft yearly. Only very few students do not know the largest technical career fair of the Benelux (yet). Around two third of all TU Delft students does attend DDB at least once during their time studying.


And for that, we go back quite far. DDB is a merger of the ‘Bedrijvendagen Delft’ and the ‘Bedrijvencarré’, which co-existed until 1996. The organizing study associations believe only one event better suits the needs of students of the TU Delft and technical companies. That is why the ’De Delftse Bedrijvendagen’ was founded on the 19th of December 1995. With this, the most important partnership in Delft was founded as well: ‘Het Pentagon’. Het Pentagon consists of:

The board of DDB is filled with representatives of the five student associations and changes composition every year. Despite the changing board, the formula of DDB remains strong: bringing together both students and companies in a casual and fun way.


'De Delftse Bedrijvendagen' was established to promote two goals:

  • Bringing students into contact with the business community to help them find a job, an internship or a graduation project.
  • To give the industry insight into graduating Delft.