How did I find my job at ...? By Peter Loeffen

In this blogpost you will read more about the experience of Peter Loeffen and how 'De Delftse Bedrijvendagen' helped him in his search for his first job.

Interview Peter Loeffen

Peter Loeffen is a Delft University of Technology alumnus and started studying aerospace engineering in 2006, after finishing his studies he worked at Shell and is now employed at Airborne. He answers a couple of questions about himself and about his search for a job.

Hey Peter, how would you describe yourself as a student?
I was a little bit of a slacker student (in my bachelor), but I also did a lot of extracurricular activities both at my study association as well at my student society. I finished my bachelor in 4 years, followed by a masters in Structures/Aero Elasticity.

How did you find a job?

Because of my study association I came across 'De Delftse Bedrijvendagen' and I signed up for the Interview Days by uploading my CV. I went into these interviews without any expectations and was assigned to Shell. The interview was fun and afterwards I walked through the rest of the recruitment process, before I had even graduated! One week after graduation I started working at Shell. I enjoyed working there for four year as a Process Control Engineer.

How did you end up at Airborne?

Shell is a very big company after four years the challenge was gone for me and I wanted to go back to the aerospace world. Airborne is a lot smaller than Shell which results in more responsibility, higher impact and less bureaucracy, you can work on your ideas independently, something which was not always possible at Shell.

Do you have any tips for students on a career fair?
That’s a hard question, I think one of the most important factors is what do you want from your career and that differs per person. My credo is always ‘keep an open mind’, think of what suits you, but also take a look at companies that you don’t know that well and talk to them. Think well about what you find important in a job, this can be workplace culture, colleagues, salary, the product, content impact etc. The fun thing about a career fair is that you can ask questions that you would not normally ask during a job interview, ask for examples how it is to work there both positive and negative aspects, don’t just look at the salary.