Do's and dont's: LinkedIn

Your personal profile on LinkedIn is as important as your CV. Besides filling out all the information and polishing off your profile with a representative profile picture, Integrand Delft provides you with some do’s and dont’s to make your profile stand out!


  • Let your boss/supervisor subscribe a reference on your page
  • Turn off your last modified date such that your profile looks updated
  • It is possible to edit the URL of your profile such that your name is solely visible
  • Become a member of relevant groups
  • Add people after you have met them on a social event
  • Add a message with connection-request 
  • Follow people that interest you such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates etc
  • Stay active on your Linked-In: share or like!
  • Accept connection-request when it is somebody that works at a company that interests you even if you don’t know them personally
  • Aim to expand your network to 500+
  • If someone has viewed your profile, always look back. In the eyes of LinkedIn you are 'social', because you show interest in the person who is interested in you.


  • Don’t be too detailed on your profile: not every result needs to be on your profile
  • Make sure that you don’t have any spelling errors on your page! Let a friend check your profile first!
  • Don’t keep your profile public
  • Send connection requests without a personal message to people you don't know.
  • Don’t have too much text and descriptions on your profile

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