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    4TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute
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    Education & Research

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Ready for the next step after your MSc?
Apply for a PDEng and become a technological designer!

Are you about to receive your master’s degree, but are you not quite done learning? Would you like to work on innovative technological solutions for the high-tech industry or healthcare? Apply for a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) program at the Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology or University of Twente and become an expert at technological design.

PDEng positions are two-year, full-time, salaried positions in a wide variety of disciplines. Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded the Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) degree. A PDEng program is on par with a PhD program. The difference is their focus: a PhD is aimed to establish you as an independent researcher and a PDEng prepares you for a high-level position in

Putting Theory into practice
A PDEng program is a challenging, balanced combination of theory and practice. The programs offer you an opportunity to enhance your technological expertise and develop your professional skills. You will work with the latest design methodologies in multidisciplinary projects and follow challenging, in-depth courses on the discipline of your choice. This will help you look at projects from a wider perspective. Highlight of the program is the 10 to 12 month technological design project you will do for a leading high-tech company or healthcare facility. You will develop an innovative industrial product or process in a large-scale, multidisciplinary setting. Of course, you will have the full support and resources of the university at your back. More information?

Student profile

You need at least a Master of Science degree or an equivalent degree, preferably in the exact sciences. The programmes of the Stan Ackermans Institute use strict selection criteria to ensure the required high quality. Excellent marks, motivation and a design-oriented attitude are vitally important. You should also have an excellent command of the English language.

Application procedure

You can apply by sending your letter of application with a complete curriculum vitae and at least two letters of recommendation (in English). Suitable candidates will be invited for an interview with the selection committee of the relevant programme. The exact requirements and selection procedure for each programme are listed on