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    Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems
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Company profile

Aalberts engineers mission-critical technologies for ground-breaking industries and everyday life. We are where technology matters and real progress can be made. Humanly, environmentally and financially.
Founded in 1975, Aalberts Industries ( employs more than 16.000 people, operates some 70 business locations and 80 service locations with activities in over 50 countries. Our head office is based in the Netherlands and we have been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since March 1987 and on the AEX index from March 2015.

With our detailed market knowledge we realise sustainable profitable growth. We do this through organic growth, innovations and bolt-on acquisitions. This is realised by our entrepreneurial local approach, by delivering high added value and operational profit margins and by continuously converting our operational execution into more free cash flow. We reinvest this cash in existing or new technology growth drivers, leading to even more sustainable and profitable growth.

Student profile

Do you recognise yourself in our core values?, then probably Aalberts is the right fit for you.
You are an entrepreneur. You are not afraid to take ownership. For you good is never good enough, you go for excellence. You like to share and learn to improve. You act with integrity.

Career opportunities

Aalberts offers a great career opportunity, also abroad. We invest in our talents as they can participate in an international employee development program CONNECT or FIT or in different leaderschip modules that we have developed. Beside these employee development programs we recently launched a trainee program. During this trainee program that takes one-and-a half year you work on six projects of three months each in one of our companies. At least two of the projects are completed in a foreign country.

Application procedure

After you have expressed you interest and motivation Aalberts will contact you to explore possibilities.