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Company profile

AME was founded in 1996 on the campus of the Technical University of Eindhoven. Since then, AME has grown rapidly and has become a successful company active in the branch of development and production of high-quality products with electronics.
At the moment, the organization consists of approximately 150 professional and motivated employees who enjoy working on new product development, combining the disciplines of applied physics, electrical, mechanical, software and industrial engineering.

Student profile

As AME is growing continuously, we are looking for high-potentials with a background in electrical, (embedded) software or mechanical engineering and physics or a more generic study in the field of technology. You will find an enterprising environment at AME.
As our business proposition lands well in the market, we are looking for the best students in the mentioned fields but also of in the fields of economics and business administration.

Career opportunities

Transparency is one of the most important qualities within our organization. We are open to our customers, our employees and our suppliers. Development projects and new products are successful thanks to excellent teamwork and informal relations within our company. At AME, the way of working can best be characterized as structured and clean.

Since its founding, AME has the natural desire to expand its activities and growth has become central to the organization and is the key to our success and enthusiasm of our talented employees.

AME has extensive ambitions to further expand its customer portfolio within Europe as well as globally. Our customers are internationally active and therefore our employees have many opportunities to experience other (work) cultures.

Application procedure

On our website, you can find detailed information on current vacancies, internships and graduation projects. You can also leave an open application.