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    Arup Nederland
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    Technical Consulting

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Company profile

Established in Amsterdam in 2000, Arup in the Netherlands comprises recognised consultants in all aspects of building and infrastructure design. With access to Arup’s specialist networks around the world, the team in Amsterdam is able to bring global expertise to local projects, as well as to consult on international iconic projects.

Student profile

Our identity, values, and the quality of our work are vested in our people. In a competitive market, we must recruit the best people from diverse backgrounds who share our aims, and provide the right conditions and opportunities for them to flourish.

We believe that by giving our people the freedom to be creative, we will produce work that continuously redefines quality across our firm. We know that when our values and ambitions align we do our best work. This is how we shape a better world – and everyone plays a part. Whatever their role or specialism, our people are passionate about what they do, they believe in our values and are happy to come to work every day. This is why people choose to work here, and stay.

Career opportunities

Arup Membership
Arup is an independent firm, owned in trust for our people. With no shareholders or external investors, we are free to set our own priorities and direction, which:

Allows us to work only for our clients, ourselves and the world
Gives us the freedom to push boundaries and re-establish best practice
Allows us time for self-discovery, to be creative and to learn
Give us the ability to invest in initiatives we feel are important to us individually, to our firm and our clients
This ethos means we seek out independent-minded and creative people, who care about shaping a better world.

A Global Perspective
We provide high quality work, wherever our clients need us; our people work in a variety of locations. It is important we share our knowledge and ideas generously across disciplines and time zones, through many different skills networks, ensuring that our clients get the best of us wherever they are.

Application procedure

Reageren kan via de vacaturepagina van tijdens de DDB of door te bellen met de recruiter.