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Company profile

bGrid is an engineering and innovation company based in Amsterdam. bGrid develops, markets and sells products and services that use state-of-the-art communications technology, with focus on controls, remote monitoring and “Internet of Things” solutions. To support the delivery of these products and services, bGrid develops mobile devices and sensor units, data management systems, data processing algorithms and user interfaces on various platforms. bGrid works in cooperation with international technology partners and universities, and executes projects for commercial real estate, education, airports, hospitals, laboratories and other buildings.

Student profile

We are looking for students with a technical background. Which background is dependent on the exact position within our company. However, all studies at the TU Delft are eligible.

Career opportunities

The current job openings at bGrid are:
- Project Manager
- Solutions Architect
- Software Architect
- Systems Engineer

However, we are always looking for talent. If you think you can make our team stronger, you are welcome to send an open application. While our company is a fast growing start-up you can find your own position within the company and get plenty of responsibility from the start for both projects in the Netherlands as abroad.

Application procedure

Job openings can be found on the bGrid website: You can directly apply there for the desired job. Is the job of your dreams not in this list, but you think you can help make our product better? Just send an open application to
When we are interested we will invite you for a talk. Next round is a small assignment for some of your future colleagues. Is everyone happy? Then you can negotiate your contract and join our team.