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Circularise is a YES!Delft startup aiming overcome communication barriers in supply chains to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.
A circular economy can unlock an estimated USD 4.5 trillion worth of economic growth. But its success depends on more transparency and communication in supply chains.
Circularise's open source protocol makes transparency possible without risking one's competitive advantage.

Since 2017 Circularise is working with multiple partners in the framework of H2020 C-SERVEES project backed by the European Union. Together these parties are developing a solution that aims to boost a resource-efficient circular economy in the electrical and electronic (E&E) sector.

Circularise has already conducted several successful pilots with e.g. a recycling plant in Italy and a furniture manufacturer in NL. In 2019, Circularise will be rolling out a number of new projects with partners from the textiles and beverages industries.

Milestones in a nutshell:
- Approximately $1M raised from several bodies of the European Union
- Successful pilots with the recycling plant in Italy and a manufacturer in the Netherlands
- Partnering with over 18 organisations
- Numerous awards including EIT Awards, LAUNCH Innovator, Connekt Affiliation Awards, YES!Delft Startups Best Financial Case