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    Delft Inversion
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    Oil & Energy

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Our core product WEB-AVO, a wave-equation based, AVO technology has been developed by the founders of Delft Inversion over a period of more than 10 R&D years at Delft University of Technology. During the first years after establishing Delft Inversion, the WEB-AVO technology was successfully applied in close collaboration with oil and gas operators to a wide range of business challenges in different geological plays around the globe.

The unique technological features of WEB-AVO led to many satisfied project partners and consequently allowed us to form and grow an experienced team with unrivaled expertise in this next generation seismic reservoir characterisation technology.

By today everybody at Delft Inversion shares one vision: Creating an edge for our clients and partners in the E&P, geothermal and CO2 storage industries by utilising our unique technology portfolio. Say hello to the future of seismic reservoir characterisation today; say hello to WEB-AVO.

Student profile

Delft Inversion is looking for a student with a strong affinity in Front-end development. The ideal candidate has experience with developing HTML5 interfaces for complex computational systems. They are familiar with multiple JavaScript frameworks and are proficient with at least one of them. They have solid understanding and experience working with APIs. They can rapidly create mock-ups and wire-frames in collaboration with a UX expert and can iteratively implement them using user feedback.

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Front-end Software Engineer Internship

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Please send your CV and motivation letter to