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    Drones for Work
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Company profile

We're working towards making drones so safe, that they can become a part of normal daily traffic.

We do this by implementing the latest research in control engineering. Algorithms focused on handling difficult environments and avoiding crashes even after mechanical failures. In combination with our experience in software and electronics engineering, we aim to make the most reliable flight controller on the market.

Student profile

You are sincere and competent, and looking to work in a multidisciplinary, fast-changing environment. You can work independently, accept the ambiguity inherent in start-up life and communicate your thoughts and solutions well.

Bonus points for wanting to become one of the best in your field.

Career opportunities

We are currently looking for a control engineer and a mechatronics/electronics engineer to come and strengthen our team. Ideally fulltime, but we are open to discussing part-time or internship opportunities.

Application procedure

Send an email with your resume and a short description of why it makes sense for you to work with us to