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    Ellips BV
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Company profile

Ellips develops top quality optical sorting systems (software and hardware) for grading fruit and vegetables. In collaboration with machinery manufacturers, we ensure the processing of food streams is effective and efficient. By continuously seeking improvement of our leading systems, we create sustainable returns for all of our stakeholders: less food waste, more food value.

Student profile

For vision software development:
- A completed relevant university degree.
- Recent experience with programming in C++, C # or WPF
- Passion for computer vision
- Good communication skills
- Flexibility for working in Scrum development teams
- Proactive and result-oriented work attitude
- Dutch (level A2 or higher)

For hardware development:
- A completed relevant university degree.
- Knowledge of Optical systems
- 3D drawing/design and mechanical design
- Passion for your profession
- Good communication skills
- Proactive and result-oriented work attitude
- Dutch (level A2 or higher)

Career opportunities

We offer you a modern, driven and progressive organization with plenty of room for personal input and development.

At Ellips we provide jobs and challenging assignments in our different fields of expertise.
For our fruit analysis we are working with techniques ranging from traditional computer vision to deep learning and other machine learning algorithms.
More interested in providing a great user experience? We are constantly looking for ways to improve our user interface to help make our customers’ work easier.
Or maybe you are more into electronic hardware design, embedded software development, real time systems or camera optics.
We have got a large variety of disciplines and we are happy to find out if you fit in our team.

Application procedure

Our recruitment process consists of 2 interview rounds and an assessment.