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Company profile

tech with a heartbeat

We believe in the potential of people to push technology further. That is why we enable our colleagues to excel.
At ENTER, we share your passion for technology. We want you to reach your full potential. We offer you challenging projects in the high tech industry, combined with personal career guidance and a wide range of courses and classes. This is how we empower you to thrive.

Student profile

ENTER is looking for candidates:
- With a Bachelor, Master, PDEng or PhD degree;
- With an interest in Technical Software, Electronics, Mechatronics, Mechanics, Automotive, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Aerospace, Applied Mathematics, Production Development, Chemical and Test & Integration;
- With a passion for technology;
- With good communication skills and a proactive attitude;
- Who want to work on challenging high-tech projects at various customers;
- Who want to have the opportunity to grow both on a technical as well as on a personal level.

Career opportunities

Our experience and longstanding partner network enable us to carefully select the projects that match your experience and ambitions. You can build your career within or across our technical domains: applications, chemical, electronics, embedded software, mechanical, mechatronics, physics, production development and system test & integration. Throughout the year we offer a large number of activities, ranging from technical presentations to dinners, a pub quiz and sports challenges. After all, working at ENTER means you are part of a community of like-minded and curious engineers. This especially holds true for the colleagues who launch their career within our Technical Talent Traineeship.

Application procedure

Curious about the opportunities that await you at ENTER?
Visit us to learn how we find you the right challenge. Ask us how we enable you to reach your full potential. Explore the possibilities of our traineeship. Stop by and discover how you can push technology further at ENTER. Or simply apply for our challenging roles. We welcome your application via