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Kulicke & Soffa is a leading provider of Advanced Packaging and Electronic Assembly equipment for the semiconductor industry. Our equipment is high performance, high precision, robotic production systems which provide leading-edge solutions. As a pioneer in the semiconductor industry for more than 65 years, Kulicke & Soffa continues to lead innovation with over 2500 employees across 13 countries. With R&D centers of excellence in the US, Europe and Asia, we bring together today’s generation of talent, collaborating on tomorrow’s technologies.

Student profile

As an Intern or Graduate Student at Kulicke & Soffa you will join a bright and innovative organization of 100+ Engineers. Our total R&D department is divided over several smaller teams, supporting various disciplines such as: Systems Engineering, Vision, Motion, Software, Process Application, Electrical, Mechanical and System Test. Based on your skills and personal interests, you will become part of a highly skilled and motivated development team. At K&S you will be encouraged to take broad responsibility and resolve challenging problems. Although our products and solutions are complex you will be personally influencing the end result.

Career opportunities

Internships & Job opportunities:
Within one of the most fast paced industries, Kulicke & Soffa is always on the lookout for talented and skilled individuals. As a K&S employee, you will find a collaborative culture driven by a passion for technology, innovation and solutions. Leave your desk and get into the lab to test a new feature, connect with other colleagues to plan the next team building activity or join one of our “lunch and learn sessions”. We offer a dynamic and hands-on work environment where you drive the development of your ideas and have direct impact.

Application procedure

Success starts here!
At Kulicke & Soffa a career is more than just a job. We create solutions that help our customers revolutionize products that have changed the world. We bring together bright minds and go-getters, ambitious leaders and strong team players, each with their own background, identity and area of specialty.

Please contact our local Recruiter: Barry Hendrix -, to personally discuss opportunities regarding: internships, graduation projects or your first job.
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