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    Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V.
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Company profile

Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. (MTEE) is a global and technically innovative company, where products of the highest quality are manufactured, using modern machinery. Our organization is a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (MHI) in Japan and focuses on the European market.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is designing and manufacturing turbochargers since 1957. Over the years, MHI's turbochargers have been renowned for their most advanced design. It combines the lightest weight, most silently balanced and best response with a very competitive price. MHI's advanced designs allow full automatic robot assembly and provide the world's highest quality standard.

MTEE supplies virtually every European passenger car manufacturer with turbochargers (a.o. BMW, VW, PORSCHE, RENAULT, PSA, FORD, FIAT, BENTLEY, BUGATTI). Their quality and reliability have afforded them prestige among these European manufacturers. MHI surpasses its competitors by going that extra mile to achieve a perfect solution.

At MHI subsidiary, MTEE, the production capacity is currently increasing from 2.000.000 turbochargers in 2008 to 3.500.000 turbochargers annually in 2018. Besides production of turbochargers, MTEE is performing application engineering activities making sure that basic MHI designs will be in compliance with customer requirements and will perform as specified over lifetime. MTEE keeps close ties with many European research institutes, material laboratories, and material suppliers to develop high performance turbochargers with unsurpassed durability.

Over 800 employees work at MTEE in an inspiring and informal environment. Employees are constantly encouraged to train and educate themselves, in order to grow and develop internally. Based in Almere, MTEE is located in the center of The Netherlands. Almere has lots to offer as residence and is perfectly reachable by public transportation and car.

At MTEE, advanced engineering tools as CAD (CATIA, Pro/E, NX) and CAE software are in use. For testing purposes MTEE does have its own advanced test cells including engine test benches and hot gas burner equipment. Engineers at MTEE are working in the fields of product design (CAD), simulation (FEA), production equipment engineering, engine testing or in technical sales etc. As most of our customers and suppliers are outside of the Netherlands, the company is very internationally minded. As an engineer at MTEE you will often be involved in a specific customer project, which is run by a multi-disciplinary team. Due to this cooperation between Engineers with different skills and experience levels, personal development is fast, which makes MTEE a breeding ground for new talents.

MHI and MTEE are technical driven companies, a paradise for the most talented engineers.

Student profile

MTEE is always looking for talented and ambitious TU students for internships and graduation assignments. MTEE can accommodate around 6 TU students every year divided between internships and graduation.

An example of an internship/graduation assignment at MTEE could be within one of the following topics:
• Compressor design optimization
• Turbine design optimization
• Improvement of simulation methodologies (e.g. openFoam)
• Heat transfer analysis
• Turbo-machinery test bench optimization
• Performance improvement
• Improvement of analysis tools

Many of our graduation students have ended up working at MTEE afterwards.

Career opportunities

- General Manager (current General Manager TU-Delft)
- Engineering Manager (current Engineering Manager TU-Delft)
- Production Engineering Manager
- Logistic Manager
- Account Manager
- Project Leader
- R&D
- Engineering Discipline Specialist

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