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    Northpool B.V.
  • Industry
    Oil & Energy

Facts & figures

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  • Employees worldwide
  • Number of academics in the Netherlands
  • Number of countries
  • Number of internships and/or graduation projects available

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Company profile

Northpool is a commodity trading company founded in 2013. Northpool’s main focus lies with trading energy and weather-related commodities and is currently active on the short-term power and gas markets. Being a startup, Northpool is always looking for new opportunities and innovative ideas. Northpool has a strong knowledge on fundamental drivers in the energy market. This, in combination with highly efficient trading strategies, Northpool is able to see and seize opportunities.

Northpool consists a small team of traders and analysts. They intensively work together, using models and experience to operate on the market. Northpool has a young team, its professionals are eager to develop and grow. Our office is in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Student profile

We ask:

- Outstanding analytical and mathematical skills
- Logical reason & decisive action under pressure
- Some work in the evenings or weekends
- An analytical or quantitative degree at MSc level
- Clear and fluent English
- Good social & communication skills

Career opportunities

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of power trading, we’ll put you to work on the Western European market. Every day will be a challenge. You’ll push yourself to the absolute limit. Your goal? Outperform this competitive market and beat the system.

Application procedure

When you're invited to our office, you will have a first interview and we'll ask you to make a calculation test. When these to are sufficient, you'll get a second interview.