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Company profile

ORTEC is one of the world’s leaders in optimization software and analytics solutions.
We make your business more efficient, more predictable and more effective. Turning complex challenges into easy-to-use solutions.

We serve customers in almost every industry. And with 15 offices strategically located across 4 continents, we can deliver solutions on a global scale. Always underpinned by local know-how and service. We support our customers through 3 divisions clustered round our 3 broad areas of activity. But we see things from one perspective: each client’s particular needs. So where it adds value, we draw on the specialist expertise of colleagues across ORTEC to create the best mix of solutions and services to meet those needs.

ORTEC Products develops stand-alone, custom-made and SAP® embedded advanced planning and scheduling software. Optimizing everything from fleet routing & dispatch to pallet & space loading, workforce scheduling to warehouse control and delivery forecasting to network planning.

ORTEC Consulting provides advanced analytics and optimization solutions for companies to survive, innovate and outperform. We offer tailor made and off-the-shelf analytics and optimization models and tools, analytics & consulting services for every level of maturity, as well as experts in the area of data science, business analytics, optimization modeling and software engineering.

Living Data
ORTEC Living Data consists of three separate businesses. Each providing ground-breaking software to a particular industry (advertising, marketing and sports). From people who know that sector inside out and use analytics software to help their customers achieve game-changing breakthroughs in the way they do things.

Student profile

At ORTEC we are always looking for ambitious students/colleagues who have affinity with IT, optimization and logistics. We have there are different possibilities for students. As a student you can do a (graduation) internship and/or work part time as a student assistant. For fresh graduates we have multiple traineeships in Consulting or Software Engineering.

At ORTEC, it’s not necessary to have work experience; we believe that it is more important that you have a passion for IT, strong analytical thinking skills and are motivated to develop professionally. New employees at ORTEC learn a lot on the job, and your colleagues will always be eager to help.

Career opportunities

ORTEC’s employees are the most important driving force behind our organization. So we offer a pleasant and challenging work environment, where employees have the space they need to work on their personal development. We believe that it is important that you have the opportunity to bring out the best in yourself and to maintain a good work-life balance. ORTEC is convinced that we will only be able to grow and to achieve our goals if our employees are happy.

We have a Young Professionals Development Program for starters. During this program, you will attend a number of internal training courses, have regular meetings with your coach, and have plenty of room to tailor your own education. Once per year, all of our Young Professionals come together during an annual meeting.

Application procedure

You can e-mail Gordon Boon (Corporate Recruiter) at for more information. At our website ( you can find all our vacancies and graduate projects. Interested? Send your resume, motivation letter and grade list to

If no suitable openings are currently available, but you think you would enjoy working at ORTEC in some capacity, please feel free to submit an open application.

Upon receipt of your application, we will inform you as quickly as possible if there are sufficient grounds for an online assessment. When the assessment is completed in a satisfactory way, a first and second interview will follow. If both interviews and a reference check are positive, you will be invited to join ORTEC.