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We spend 90% of our time in buildings, which consume 40% of our global energy demand. It’s time to redesign them.

At PHYSEE, we are challenging the status quo by introducing the world’s first transparent, energy- and data generating windows. It is our mission to change the perspective on standard building facades of the future. By harnessing the power of the sun and gathering data from our sensors, we are transforming buildings into smart, powerful and sustainable eco-systems, providing them with a SmartSkin facade. Through the combination of power production and data gathering, you are taking full control of your building’s climate and energy usage, thereby also reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort.

Welcome to true sustainable innovation, without compromise.

Through the support of Dutch real-estate developers including VORM and OVG, we have signed our first large scale projects across The Netherlands, demonstrating readiness to offer the real estate industry energy neutral buildings.

Change the world with us, one window at a time.

Career opportunities

At PHYSEE, we cherish our diverse and inclusive company culture. We are always looking for not the perfect fit, but the perfect add to our team. With currently 8 different nationalities we value every perspective, as we feel it is our responsibility to change the world’s perspective of a sustainable future…

As we are growing rapidly, we are always looking for new talent. If you think you are the perfect team member and you want to join our dynamic, creative and driven team, let us know! You can send an email to Frédérique at

We are looking forward to seeing you!