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Prime Vision is one of the leading mid-scale systems integrators and a pioneer in postal technology innovation. We converge the knowledge from our long history and experience in deep learning and the latest IoT and Robotics capabilities to create a fertile ground for innovative thinkers and problem solvers.
Our company is all about innovation in IT. On the development side we have some of the best brains in the industry busy concocting new software and solutions built around recognition technology and data processing. We are active in several markets with the primary focus for Prime Vision being the global postal and logistics market. We are a full service company, so following development, we have the teams that work with clients to project manage, commission and support projects large and small. Hundreds of millions of people rely on our solutions every day.

Student profile

Prime Vision is a multicultural and intellectual melting pot of ambitious people with different backgrounds. We are always looking for enthusiastic persons that like to work within an inspiring and international working environment. Do you want to be part of the innovative Prime Vision world? Then join our team!

Career opportunities

At Prime Vision we have several (technical) career opportunities. For the latest vacancies please go to:

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Please send your job application, accompanied by a c.v. and motivation to Peggy Kosters at