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    Scientific Volume Imaging b.v.
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Scientific Volume Imaging b.v.
Your career in Image Processing! -

Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) develops high-end software (Huygens) for microscopic images. Huygens is able to restore, visualize and analyze 3D fluorescence microscopy images and is used by academic research institutions worldwide.

SVI's main office is based in Hilversum (near Utrecht), close to two train stations and highway. We develop and sell the Huygens Software Suite, which consists of different image processing packages available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Functionalities include 3D deconvolution, interactive analysis, and volume visualization of 3D multi-channel and time series images from fluorescence microscopes such as widefield, confocal, multi-photon, spinning disk, STED super-resolution and SPIM. Our customer base consists of worldwide prominent universities, institutes and companies which are mainly active in the field of life-sciences and material research.

Being active in a demanding industry requires close contacts with forerunners in the field of microscopy techniques. SVI has more than 20 years expertise in scientific image processing, which has resulted in active collaborations with renowned academic institutes worldwide (e.g. NIH, MIT, MPI, ETH).

Student profile

For a job in technical sales, some knowledge in Optical Microscopy and/or Molecular Biology or Biophysics is preferred.
For a job in development, some programming experience is required (ideally C/C++). A background or strong interest in Image Processing and/or Microscopy is highly preferred.

If you are interested in a technical internship, then some programming/scripting experience in any (scripting) language is preferred, along with a strong interest to learn more about high-end image processing, GPU acceleration (CUDA) and fluorescence microscopy.

Career opportunities

To strengthen our commercial team we are looking for enthusiastic technical sales staff. If you are outgoing, enjoy networking, and have a strong technical/biological background (ideally in microscopy or image processing), then you might be interested to join our technical sales and image specialist team.

We also have job positions for experienced or junior/trainee-developers who would like to join our team to help develop our Huygens software in a fast growing market.
As a (junior) scientific software developer you will be involved in the complete life cycle of the Huygens software: from developing new (GPU accelerated) image processing algorithms for microscopy to the integration and improvement of these algorithms. Some examples that have been developed over the past years: restoration methods for super-resolution and light-sheet microscopy images, GPU acceleration, tile-stitching, stabilization, correction of image distortions, analysis, etc.

We also have a variety of internships ( available for Master students (Scientific Programming with Mathematical or Physics background) and for Bachelor students with a Minor in computational sciences.

Application procedure

1.) Send CV + motivation letter
2.) Get invited to in-house interview
3.) In-house assignment