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VSL Dutch Metrology Institute

We all get electricity and fresh water delivered to our homes and fill up our cars with petrol at the pump, but hardly any of us ever wonder whether the amount that is being measured at our front door or at the pump is correct. We simply assume that the meters are accurate, or, more accurately stated, that they are calibrated. How do you calibrate a meter? Simple, with another meter, that is more accurate and, in its turn calibrated with an even more accurate meter. After a few steps, you arrive at the most accurate measurements available, these standards are maintained and continually improved by the National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) of the world. One of those NMIs is VSL, the Van Swinden Laboratory. In short: everything that is measured in our country starts with us.
Situated in Technopolis, at the edge of the University campus in Delft, VSL employs about 115 highly educated people that devote their working life to making sure everyone has access to correct measurements, all the time and everywhere. A major part of our work is maintaining and improving the Dutch measurement standards, by request of the Dutch government. We do this amongst others via large research projects that enable increasingly accurate measurements for existing parameters or develop measurement standards that do not exist yet. We also perform calibrations at the highest level available and travel the world for consultancy projects, helping clients with measuring problems.
VSL plays a key role in our technology-driven society by enabling innovation of products and processes and increasing the reliability and quality of measurements everywhere. Our proximity to the university and other institutes such as TNO and NEN enable us to collaborate easily and respond quickly to new developments. So if you want to work for an institute that performs the most accurate measurements of the country, does top level research into measuring standards and helps people around the world to measure correctly and accurately, VSL is the place to be. Please check out our website ( or contact us in our booth.

Student profile

Our culture is characterized by personnel with a substantial measure of self-management, sense of responsibility and a passion for their work. Social skills are also important in contacts with colleagues and dustomers. Students that have followed one the studies below are suitable candidates:
- Applied Physics
- Chemical Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Nanoscience
- Aerospace Engineering

Career opportunities

VSL invests in the development of its personnel. You very quickly gain your own responsibilities and are also given supervision in this respect. Coaching, intervision, competency, training and courses along with participation in projects and consultancy assignments support you in your ongoing development. VSL offers you the opportunity for both personal and professional development.

Application procedure

If this profile appeals to you, then we would like to meet you. You can apply online on our website, or send an (open) application to