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Company profile

Born out of the research labs of TU Delft with over 20 years of experience in the synthesis of aerosols, VSPARTICLE believes there is a whole new world of possibilities at the nanoscale.

As we all start to understand these possibilities, it will enable research and industry to rethink production processes and develop new materials to create innovative applications.
At VSPARTICLE we support this process by making nanoparticle-based manufacturing as easy as pushing a button and providing research and industry with the tools to rapidly advance the field of nanotechnology.

Student profile

Chemical engineering
Material science

Career opportunities

We are always looking for passionate scientists, curious engineers and creative researchers to join our team.
Career opportunities depend on projects we are working on and collaborations with third parties. So feel free to contact us and we will discuss about it together.
Check our career page

Application procedure

1 - Send an email to, write in the object which position you are applying for, then attach your CV and a short motivation letter (few lines will be fine!)

2 - Someone will get back to you for an interview at out HQ in YesDelft! .

3 - We will let you know withing a few days!

+ We are really happy to receive spontaneous applications, so if you feel like inspired by our challenges, send an email to and will get back to you.