The Application Trainings

8–10 February 2022

About the Application Trainings

The first opportunity for companies and student participants to meet each other is during the Application Trainings. During the Application Trainings companies can offer different trainings and presentations about the different aspects of applying. These trainings and presentations take place on an online platform, which provides plenty of opportunities to connect with each other. In addition, there is the possibility for students to have their CV checked by an independent company. This year the Application Trainings will take place on 8–10 February 2022.

Layout of the day

The Application Trainings will be held online and consists of two sessions, a morning and an afternoon session. During this day all participating companies will give the same training twice, to ensure as many students as possible have the opportunity to participate in a training.

  • 09:00–09:30
    Check-in first group of students
  • 09:30–12:30
    Morning group
  • 12:30–13:30
    Lunch break
  • 13:30–14:00
    Check-in second group of students
  • 14:00–17:00
    Afternoon group


During the Application Trainings it is possible to have your CV checked by independent companies. They can give you advice on how to make your CV as suitable as possible. A well written CV is important, also for your participation in the following events of 'De Delftse Bedrijvendagen'. Companies have the opportunity to select students for both the In-house Days and the Coffee Dates based on their CV. The CV checks will be online.

The following companies will provide CV checks:

This overview will be available from 3 November 2021.

Application Trainings schedule

More information about the participating companies and when & where of the Application Trainings will be scheduled, is available from 3 November 2021.